Sunday, November 14, 2010


This is my initial pic.The picture is drawn using a color pencil and drawing pen(traditional). It's a snapshot using a camera.
Here I did a little bit of colors on the image using Photoshop. The tools for using the colors is the "Soft Brush Tool". The brush size can be adjusted using [=(increase) and ]= (decrease). Notice the change of the eyes at the cartoon at the right.
Next was a new layer for "Highlight". I'm still using the brush tool for the highlights. After using the brush tool I used the "Blur Tool" to blend what I highlighted. By doing this, the picture seems more enhanced (well, maybe)
Next was a new layer. Again, I use the brush tool, but this time it's for the type play. I paint it Yellowish-Brown for the typography that I want to make.
There is the typography. I used "Type Tool" and used the Papyrus font to type the words. I used Ctrl+T to adjust the font size.
Next was a little adjustment on the image. I used the adjustment menu and used both Brightness/Contrast and Color Balance to make the image more earthy, contrast and brownish.
Sorry to say this, but I'm not really satisfied by the previous work. So I did some correction using the brush tool (again...) to make a new space for the typography. I moved the typo "the culture of Sarawak" closer to the other typo to "unite" the type play.  also added the foreground frame (again using brush tool....)
If I need any improvements or upgrade my file please help me.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gawai Dayak

Sape, the "guitar" instrument for Iban ethnics
Gawai Day or Gawai Dayak is a festival celebrated in Sarawak on 1 June every year. It is both a religious and social occasion. The word Gawai means a ritual or festival whereas Dayak is a collective name for the native ethnic groups of Sarawak (and neighboring Indonesian Kalimantan): the Iban, also known as Sea Dayak and the Bidayuh people, also known as Land Dayak. Thus, Gawai Dayak literally means "Dayak Festival". Dayak would visit their friends and relatives on this day. Such visit is more commonly known as "ngabang" in the Iban language. Those too far away to visit would receive greeting cards. To get more info on this, here's the link:

Saturday, October 23, 2010


pic 1: the picture. the picture is snapped by a camera, not a scan. The traditional tool is just a drawing pen.
Pic 2 : Next is the colors. Here I used a Soft Brush Tool for the colorings which it's radius can be adjusted by [=increase and ]=decrease.
Pic 3 : Next was a new layer for Highlights. Again I used the soft brush tool. After that was a little blur using Blur Tool to blend the highlighted area with the background image.
Pic 4 : Lastly, some final touch on the image. I used white for the empty space behind and to the character.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

CG Wallpaper

Alright! The 1st assignment is on! (i'm actually quite clueless on this assignment...) Anyways, since the assignment is a wallpaper about festivals, I think i'll try out either Christmas or Hari Gawai. I hope that this course will guide me about how to make the wallpaper... Other than that, i'll try to explore Adobe Photoshop a little more (I just got this software after the first trimester) and IF POSSIBLE! stuck on my computer a little more (i'm a computer noob...)